Currency .. the invention of Pharaohs.

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Published: 29th June 2010
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In the archaeological discovery is the first of its kind, a number of researchers and archaeologists Egyptian treasure of coins dating back to the times of some of the Pharaonic, the importance of this discovery that it denies scientific evidence categorical claims by some historians who claimed that the ancient Egyptians did not know the currency and that they were dealing in buying and selling system, barter or a commodity swap another.

Interestingly, the findings reached by the research group during the examination of thousands of artifacts, the smaller ones in the stores of the Egyptian Museum, which archaeologists had believed that it is just amulets or charms, has shown only on close examination coins inscribed date of minting and value, or rulers, the Pharaohs who were in the royal family , some of which dates to the period during which Jesus lived, Joseph in Egypt and some with his image and his name! The mistaken belief at the time that the Egyptian wheat are traded for other commodities, but the surprise is that the verses of the Koran Bodouhili indicate that in the era of Joseph, Egypt was deal of money.

The story of this discovery tell the President of the research group of Dr. Saeed Mohammed Thabet leading Lovers Society in the effects which he said in the course of his research on the effects of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was found on the amulets a lot in the stores of the Antiquities Authority in the Egyptian Museum and demonstrated different times before and after Youssef (Joseph), including coin bearing his image as a Minister King, the caretaker of her time on coffers of Egypt or to the post of finance minister in our time, was common among scholars and archaeologists have not been trading currencies in that era was not the idea found from the base and even Periods late ancient Egyptian history, and was believed to that transactions were conducted in a manner swap or barter, so for example a quantity of wheat in exchange for an equal amount of dates or fruit or other.

Recent information

The researcher added that supports this approach relying on the swap is not to discover ancient coins in the tombs of the ancient Egyptian funerary furniture or under who maintain private collections in the cemetery buried after the return of life to him.

, "Said Dr Saeed Thabet he began to be addressed through the information , so he examined many of these furniture funeral I have many Lafraain and within the possessions of which are of archaeological value, ideological, optimistic person loves that kept their coins Aziz or optimistic or used as an amulet or talisman or perhaps a special decoration made of gold or silver, and has already revealed the codes are simple, of course, it is an old Egyptian coins because of the data showing the value of the material and contain the image of ownership in most cases.

The researcher said: The research relied on the statement in the third Pharaonic dynasty , which is mentioned in some texts to the effect that the Egyptian currency old at the time was called Aldbn and was worth about one-quarter gram of gold, and received the name of the currency in a letter to a man called Thoth Nectanebo The Messenger of the King to inspect bridges over the River Nile, especially in the days of the flood and was sending letters to his son asking him to lease land and pay rent to be in the form of coins of Aldbn and some product of agriculture crops, the name of the currency codes in other families in the era of the third, sixth and twelfth dynasties was rainy or SAT and

Amulets and charms

the research group also thought that the currency effects and the majority of the scientists as a special kind of amulets or charms, and others thought that some of the jewelry and ornaments are in fact based on the coins for several reasons, foremost among the prevalence of the proliferation of these currencies between the pieces of various effects, and take the form circular or oval, There is also further evidence of clear differences in sizes of these currencies and materials which it was made, which include Ivory and some precious stones for copper, silver, gold and others.

The researcher also noted that such foreign currencies, especially made of precious metals or precious stones such as ornaments or jewelry of women was characterized by the presence of the holes so it can be suspended on the necks or chests, and used some of the other, which contained images of gods and texts of some of the prayers and entreaties Kmguetniat placed inside rolls of mummies or on the heart, at the time was set up in the form of coins or an insect scarab, and allowing ease of this observation is the first discovery of its kind, there are about 500 pieces, including the Egyptian Museum, called "the mascots and amulets were placed in the store in the drawers closed and unsafe.

Egyptian Antiquities and Minister of Culture devoted efforts in the History and Archaeology of Ancient Egyptian attention to this treasure of Egypt and to study historic content of those coins, which bear the names of the kings and the gods of Egypt, and the dates of certain of these kings, and periods of time where they have lived and issued those currencies and by which they can correct the many errors and historical documentaries on ancient Egyptian history.

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